While time is very crucial in planning and executing an event to make sure it becomes successful, there are sure-fire ways to make the most out of it even with limited time and resources.

Now don’t get me wrong, this article does not teach you the shortcuts with the preparations as there simply are no shortcuts but making sure that your efforts are implemented in the most effective and efficient way.

Below are 5 sure ways on how to sell-out an event in four weeks.


1.Create a well-defined plan
Planning is everything and there’s no other way to start on anything without defining the who, what, when and how? Also, it would be logical to dedicate a whole page to defining the “Why”. The vision for the whole event, and the reason behind why this was put in the first place. Thus, the saying, “Always begin with the end in mind.”

With limited time and resources, arranging your efforts in a timeline or calendar also helps in making sure that you are in control and your goals are on target.


2.Focus on high-quality content
Just like in any successful event, the host is the life of the party and although there are so many competent speakers out in the market, only a handful are certified speaking professionals who can deliver quality content to your targeted audience. Choosing the right speaker for your event is an essential part of the process. It is vital to do in-depth research on prospective speakers and ensure select the most fitting, as this could either make or break your audience’s’ overall experience and will impact your reputation in future engagements.


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3.Getting the right people for the right job
Trust is the core foundation of any kind of relationship, be it personal or business. Your trust should make you feel confident enough that your team will be able to deliver what is expected of them. Not even the most successful event manager or organizer can do it alone, so putting the right people and utilizing each other’s strength plays an important part in the execution of your plan and making sure that your event becomes a success.


4.Effective social media campaign
Marketing efforts should not go to waste just because you chose a different platform. With the right avenue and a strategic plan in place what else could go wrong? Most marketing professionals would understand that there’s always more to the social media world than just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and as it continuously evolves we also have to learn how to be flexible enough to flow with the tide but strong enough to withstand any undesirable outcomes.


5.Aim to create a meaningful (and memorable) experience
In the end, it’ll all boil down to the audience’s experience. The event may create a different feel among different people, but aiming for a lasting experience that will influence their way of thinking will help define the success of the event.

While perfection is impossible, I’m 100% sure that there are a thousand ways on how to make your event worthwhile and a thing to remember.


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