In this modern era, leaders believe that building their firm’s overall leadership potential is important for long term success. For these leaders, development of management skills and leadership plays a vital role in
their must-dos. These leaders are aware of the fact that they should venture into new borders for processes, practices and concepts for an empowered organization. This is Self-Driven leadership at it’s core. But, what makes a good leader? What combination of qualities will make you a great leader? Leadership is always seen in a closed context. This is because there are many changing and different parameters in leadership. Leaders are expected to possess an array of approaches and competences to carry forward their role successfully.

A Great Man!Self-Driven Leadership

Self-driven leadership is a common characteristic in all “Great Men”. However, leaders are not alone nor do they work individually. The golden thumb rule of leadership is to inspire and motivate. Good leaders are strong and they know how to inspire others. As a result, employees start to follow their motives and build a strong organization. Above all, they are aware of the darker and lessor known side of leadership too! Kets de Vries et. al (2001,2006) believes that leaders can have a very different and a toxic influence in their firms.

The Home

Unsurprisingly, leadership development begins from home! This is one of the most primitive places where you can become a better leader. Research proves that many leadership qualities are developed and cultivated from an early point in life. Adulthood is too late to develop some of these important qualities. This is why experts claim that leadership starts at home. Key players in creating leaders would be “parents”. They impart great potential and values to the little ones. Parents have the power to create dreams, desires and vision in their children. If someone is serious about leadership development, they should practice it at home.

Building Leadership at a Later Stage

Though leadership development at an earlier stage sounds easy and advantageous, there are so many stages in the human life cycle where a person has the opportunity to build leadership skills. These capabilities have to be carefully explored and nurtured. Vincent Lombardi, a famous American footballer once quoted “leaders are not born, they are made”. Leaders are believed

to be the main product of experiences, dreams and a development journey.

The Influential Factors

Self-driven leadership development should focus on many factors. It is much more than getting work done or having authority over a group of people. Important qualities of an effective leader would be as follows: the power to inspire, the notion to empower, good team building skills, remarkable interpersonal qualities, motivational thoughts and sound communication. Johann Wolfgana Von Goethe (a German writer) quoted that leaders should be able to treat people just the way they want to be! A person with clear vision of direction and someone who is respected by many is a “Leader”! However, this requires lots of self-study, experience and training in the long run.

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